An amazing new six-string bass/baritone guitar from Burns London. This will change the way you look at filling in the midrange in your sound!

barracudaThe Burns Barracuda is a six-string bass guitar, tuned in the normal guitar EADGBE way, but pitched an octave below a normal guitar, and an octave above a normal bass. As such, it is, strictly speaking, a baritone guitar, and if you can play a normal guitar or a normal bass, then you can play this!

The body shape is based on the Burns Marvin guitar, with a tulipwood body and a beech neck. The pickups are purpose-built for the barracuda by Jim Cairnes, and it has the Rez-o-tube bridge and tremolo that you’d expect from a Burns.

This is a genuine crossover, aimed squarely at guitarists and bassists. Give one a try, you’ll be amazed!


Body Width: 13½ inches
Scale length: 30 inches
Standard finish: Salmon pink, 3-tone sunburst, Blue sunburst and others.

Customer’s colour requests considered.