logoThe BURNS LONDON company was established in 1992 to manufacture authentic reproductions of the ultra-desirable 60’s Burns instruments. Those chosen to be reissued represent the elite of the originals, and these have been painstakingly reproduced. A rigidly uncompromising attitude ensures no corner-cutting in terms of accuracy or quality and the result is a range of guitars and basses which convincingly provides the best of British once again.

The high regard for authenticity means that any components have to be purpose-built to the original specifications, some even manufactured by the same companies which supplied Burns in the 60’s, thus achieving an enviable link between past and present. This continuity does much to provide vintage character, and is an important aspect that is naturally to incorporate into most reissues available today.

However, BURNS LONDON also strives to improve on the past, and close attention is paid to the choice of materials utilised. Body and neck timbers are certainly superior, while hardware has been similarly upgraded where necessary. In all areas of construction and components these new instruments equal or surpass the quality of the originals in terms of quality and performance. Consistency is a prime consideration, as this was a weak point of the ’60’s Burns, earning them their Mass-produced one-offs tag.

Old is the best is a phrase used all too often these days, but the new BURNS LONDON models prove the fallacy of such an opinion, as here the best of past and present is combined to produce classics of the future. These instruments are unique and they can become the perfect presents for different events – the unusual wedding gifts everybody is looking for!

A Unique customised Legend by famous French Sculptor Pierre Margora.