Don’t take our word

So, why should you believe everything we say about how great our guitars are? After all, we’re bound to be keen on them. Well, you don’t have to take our word for any of it. Over the years, some of the best guitarists and bassists in the world have played our instruments, and they must know a thing or two. Here are some names you might recoginize, all of them play or have played Burns instruments :

Edwin Collins
Brian May
The Elton John Band
T. Rex
Status Quo
The Blues Band
George Harrison
The Beatles
The EasyBeats
The Tornados
John Farmer
Paul Day
Eric Ford
Joe Walsh
John Jourgenson
Jeff Lynn
Charlie Bird
Chris Ray
Eric Clapton
Mark Knopfler
Hank Marvin (of course!)
The Shadows (natch!)
Steve Howe
Elvis Presley
The Troggs
John Mayall
The Searchers
Jimmy Page
John Paul Jones
Led Zeppelin
Ry Cooder
Billy Bragg
Tom Petty’s Heartbreakers
Bert Weedon
The Tremoloes
Willy Nelson
Ray Russell
Andy Powell
The New Seekers
Unit 4+2
The Honeycombs
Ike Isaacs
If that isn’t good enough for you, then perhaps you’d like to hear what the press has to say about our guitars :

Guitarist Magazine (April 1997)

The Burns Legend Custom Deluxe Guitar

The Custom Legend, with its cool appearance and great range of tones should fit in perfectly in any modern band and it will be equally at home with the purists. Whatever your musical persuasion and era, the Burns Custom Legend Deluxe has a lot to offer. What’s more, it looks as good as good as it did back in 1964.
The next time you hear someone say “they just don’t make guitars like they used to,” then put them right with my blessing – just say “Yes they do, and in Burns’ case, they’re even better”.

Bassist Magazine (April 1997)

The Burns Barracuda Bass/Baritone Guitar

Wonderful tonal range, particularly when playing chords (yes, chords!) Everyone in the office just had to have a go on the Barracuda, and all agreed that it was a tasty looking item and really good fun to play.
Guitarist Magazine (December 1996)

The Burns Legend Guitar

Offers a considerable amount of guitar for your money. The adventurous rocker or jazz guitarist with cash to spare will be rewarded with a cool guitar oozing character from every pore.
Guitarist Magazine (February 1996)

The Amtech Age-One guitar echo

Its usefulness extends considerably beyond the needs of guitarists seeking to emulate those classic echoes of the past. As a studio tool, the warmth and accuracy of its delay settings give the unit the potential to endow recordings with a unique ambience that many of the most complex and sophisticated digital devices sometimes fail to duplicate.
Guitarist Magazine (September 1995)

The Burns Nu-Sonic GB/95c Guitar

Equally at home as a snarling indie rock beast as it is as a gentle, echo dribbling retro-twang machine. With a staggeringly wide tonal range, it feels wonderful to play, looks fantastic, and already seems set to become a long-serving addition to Burns’ already formidable stable of classics.